TMG Construction, LLC offers expert Lot and Build programs to help ensure a successful dream home. Simplifying the lot and build process has made hundreds of satisfied customers. We look forward to working with you on creating the custom home of your dreams in Arizona as well as simplified lot packages around the Valley of the Sun


Custom home building has often been dependent on many facets regarding your lot:

    1. Location

    2. Electrical and Water Capacity

    3. Build permits and Zoning


TMG Construction has optimized the procedures involved in the lot and build programs by purchasing custom home property lots that are perfect for constructing your luxury home. We make building a luxury custom home simple for all our customers.

TMG Construction will handle all the steps and nuances involved with:

    1. Ensuring electrical and water supply

    2. Luxury home plans entirely prepared to construct

    3. Zoning and permits

    4. Custom packaged floorplans designed for unique enhancements and personalization



Save yourself a good portion of the upfront costs that come with constructing your new home by allowing TMG Construction to consolidate the services of subordinating the lot while construction proceeds. We pride ourselves on transparency and trustworthiness- our industry reputation confirms this. We can show you why so many have chosen us to build their dream luxury home.


When you trust us with your project we provide crucial experience and dedication that is apparent from the very first meeting. Activating a well-coordinated response to each and every project sets us apart from other builders.

Our all-important on-site tours will invite you to join us as we take an in-depth understanding of your lot. Walking from corner-to-corner surveying the surrounding roads, paths and traffic patterns as well as the views of your project from every angle relevant.

Collaborating directly with you on structural placement of the project and its orientation on the lot to maximize the privacy, internal to external viewing angles and traffic flow to your luxury home.

From top-to-bottom, our team combines all the information we’ve amassed to craft the maximize the possibilities of your dream luxury home all while meeting the equally important budgetary guidelines.

Simply stated, TMG Construction LLC will work as an extension of your dream by helping to manifest the materials, expertise and craftsmanship needed to express it fully in all its potential. We craft a floor plan and full documentation for permit retention, this timeline is usually about 60 days. The actual time taken to obtain the permit can range from six to eight weeks while construction time for a 4000 square foot home is about 8 months varying on the materials and finishes involved as well as how elaborate the design.

If you’re interested in the construction of your new luxury custom home, please contact us at (480)797-3476 for a free consultation