Custom Home Remodeling

TMG Construction provides a broad array of Luxury Custom Home Remodeling services.

Regardless of the project at hand, at their core, it’s all about structural integrity. TMG Construction is a builder with the expertise to provide a signature procedural structure to the process of remodeling your home.

No Cost Consultation

An initial meeting will allow us to assess the state of the project, establish the budget and timeline in a way that works with your lifestyle and demand for quality craftsmanship.

Project Planning                                                                     

TMG Construction will chart a course that accommodates your budget, timeline and any other concerns that may be unique to your project. Our methods of delivering the results you expect will set us apart from the other builders available. The experience as well as the talented application of all the trades, we are confident you’ll be completely satisfied.

Plot, Coordinate and Build

This important phase in the Custom Home Remodeling process is where we will present the proposed concepts in an easy to understand presentation. Procuring the needed finishes and materials from our vast network of suppliers allows the best solutions for the best results. With open dialogue, we’ll proceed in manifesting the dream with precision construction allowing you to be engaged directly with full transparency. Whether in North Scottsdale or the Phoenix Area, TMG Construction can provide the Luxury Custom Home remodeling you seek and a price that fits your budget.

Regardless of the type of remodeling you have in mind, TMG Construction is the right tool for the job! Our collaborative group of professional associates will apply the required function, with the crafted elegance of form, along with the integrity of real quality construction.

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