Luxury Custom Home Building in Arizona

TMG Construction, LLC, is Scottsdale, Arizona’s preferred luxury custom home builders. We have a thorough understanding of the complete custom luxury home building process – and look forward to working with you in designing and constructing the custom home of your dreams.

Our team takes great pride in applying exceptional attention to detail to ensure your custom home is crafted in a timely manner with excellent, quality materials. Communication is paramount and our team is dedicated to transparency. From start to finish and beyond no question will remain unanswered.
Our multi-phase construction and quality assurance process will ensure the success of even the most challenging custom home build in North Scottsdale and North Phoenix areas.
North Scottsdale custom home building and construction.
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TMG Construction Luxury Home Building Process
Luxury custom home building in Scottsdale Arizona. Clients receive the highest level of attention which serves as the most significant benefit to your custom home project. Regardless of the project’s budget all of our clients have a single point of contact for any questions or concerns throughout the entire process. Choosing the correct builder can be the difference between worry or peace of mind and with TMG Construction, we’ll handle the headaches with grace so you can rest assured.

A) Orientation

TMG Construction is dedicated to fully understanding your needs. This includes your lifestyle demands both present and future so that your new Custom Luxury Home is best suited to now and generations to come. Our orientation process allows us to meet in-person and gather as much information as possible to get the project initiated right the first time.

B) Plot selection

Building a Custom Home in Scottsdale, Arizona can involve two main facets. Where to build and how much is the plot? Our realtor partners can assist in locating the best option whilst maintaining the project’s budgetary constraints. The home’s orientation on the lot, with respect to the rising and setting of the sun, throughout the year from summer to winter is a factor. Door and window placement is of special consideration. Additionally, are there homes surrounding your eventual custom home that need to be considered? Driveways, Guest Homes, Pools or Privacy concerns is taken into account as well as the creative solutions involved in juxtaposing the environmental features that your lot selection may be enhanced by.

C) Design/Blueprint

A common mistake is to allow plans to be circulated for bidding without the requirements for construction methods or amenities being stipulated. This can result in some confusion when varying build-times and price-schedules are presented to the client. At TMG Construction, our highly experienced staff is capable of filtering out the details to help you understand what is included in the price and time frames provided ensuring the apples-to-oranges comparisons aren’t lost in the details.
Working with local architects, whom are most familiar with the requirements of your area, is our preference. Along with this approach, an experienced designer can assist greatly in distilling the information required to make the process seamless. We pride ourselves on each phase of the process and find that even the earliest stages of your custom new build has many exciting results.
There are many popular styles available and this is an excellent starting point. Whether your luxury home architectural style is considered Contemporary, Colonial, Tuscan, Spanish or Hacienda we can artistically merge the process. We can incorporate working with bubble diagrams as the floor plans conceptual layout is plotted.
As the floor plan and style of the home become apparent, we can begin to consider the finer details and finishes like ironwork, stonework and custom woodwork and how they apply to the flooring, doors windows and lighting. The interior space will begin to take shape as the concepts evolve into a higher developed living space sculpted with your vision and our expertise. The visuals sketched out to this point are easy to swap and change allowing for a fluid creativity. Underlying this process is our professional eye for projected structural impacts and complementary resulting elevation to the outward exterior. Details at this stage can lay the crucial foundation to the larger body of the project.
Much of the process can be done working in tandem with design review committees while continuing on construction documents. Plumbing, Lighting and environmental control systems are being diligently formed as “Green Materials”, home automation. The solutions made available are expertly presented allowing any questions and wishes to be answered. No stone is left un-turned as we fully explore the very best options.

D) Plans and Specifications Review

This meeting occurs immediately prior to commencement of the ground breaking. Walking through all the selections regarding cabinets, flooring, paint, appliances and electrical and plumbing will prove vital here. Our expertise in detail discussion over the overlaying compliments each component will have on the next will be incredibly helpful. We’ll meet you on location several days prior for a commencement ceremony that will allow our team to introduce themselves as well as answer any questions there may be as we start this important project together.

E) Pre-Sheetrock Walk-Through

Your new custom luxury home is progressing at this point with “rough framing” now taking shape. Plumbers and electricians will incorporate the initial groundwork of their trades while allowing you to view the fruits of our expert planning. In some instances, this first physical example of the home’s layout can inspire other modifications. Whether adding or moving a wall or window as the space takes shape we are with you every step of the way. Touring each room and every detail along the walk-through will allow much easier updates to be made prior to the drywall being installed.
Meeting in two week intervals over the life of the custom home build tends to be the best plan of action for complete satisfaction. Non-local or out-of-state clients will be kept comprised of each phase with video blogs and plenty of on-site photographic diaries with the latest in streaming video conferences as the situation arises.

F) New Owner Walk-through

This is the moment it all pays off! Time to make the imagined a reality with a move-in date as you step foot into your new luxury custom home. TMG Construction will walk through every detail of your newly built home while answering every question. From the environmental control systems, care and complexities to technologies within the living spaces as well as all the operation and maintenance as a home owner. I complete set of contacts for all the expert trade professionals involved in your homes construction should any issues arise.

G) Warranty Support

Your beautiful new custom luxury home will be covered by two years warranty beginning on your key turn in date.  TMG Construction is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

At the completion of the process you can be completely at ease that TMG Construction has satisfied your every question, worked within your timeline and budget while providing you with quality new home construction you can enjoy for generations. Advanced accounting and time tracking techniques will set us apart in a field where we know you have a choice among many.

TMG Construction can deliver the home of your dreams by working together and always involve in the process of your dream home.


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